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POPULIST: Server-side operations on waiting POP3 mail.

POPULIST is a Pegasus Mail Extension which extends Pegasus Mail's POP3 facilities. It enables email messages waiting on the POP3 server to be listed, deleted and selectively downloaded into your Home Mailbox. The POP3 server must meet the specifications of RFC1725 (updated in RFC 1939) - more than 97 percent do.

The Extension was first provided in autumn 1996, but has been updated. This release (October 2001) provides:-

The Extension provides the means to delete any obvious junk before tying up Pegasus with a lengthy download. It also provides for selective downloads of an arbitrary selection of messages and displaying part or complete listings of them in a display window.

This Extension is likely to appeal to those who, like myself, have to pay for telecoms charges as well as a dial-up PPP account with a Services Provider and wish to have greater control over what is downloaded. Unsolicited - and frequently bulky - junk mail is a source of great irritation.

POPULIST has therefore been designed to:-

What POPULIST comprises

The Extension takes the form of a pair of files which are loaded into the same directory as WINPMAIL.EXE; a Dynamic Link Library file (POPULIST.DLL file) and a Forms file (POPULIST.FFF). When POPULIST is loaded from the Extensions menu, a new window is presented, containing a text panel and a multiple selection listbox. Button controls are provided for starting and stopping communications with your ISP's POP3 server and displaying all the waiting mail items in the listbox. Button controls are also available for initiating the selective deletions and downloads. Additional actions, such as counting the waiting items, displaying a quick list of the items or listing their Unique IDs (UIDLs) may be initiated by selection from a menu.

Brief description of how to operate POPULIST

The first step is to load Pegasus Mail, establish a SLIP/PPP connection to your ISP and start POPULIST. This done, you can then click on POPULIST's Start / LIST button to connect to the POP3 server holding your mail. This operation is exactly the same as that of Pegasus when you select File | Search for new mail and the same automatic verification procedure is followed. When the verification process is complete, you can proceed to list the headers of mail items waiting on the POP3 server. These are displayed, one to a line in a multi-selection listbox. Each line shows the size of the waiting message, it's Subject, the Sender and the Date. When the list is complete, messages may be selected with the mouse, using Ctrl and Shift keys if necessary. Selected messages can be deleted, downloaded into your Home Mailbox or examined in more detail by clicking buttons provided for the purpose. When you have finished, you MUST explicitly CLOSE the POP3 connection by clicking the QUIT button or entering Alt-F4.

The actions are described in more detail in POPULIST.WRI which is packaged with the .DLL and .FFF files in a self-extracting archive called PL16.EXE - see below.

Downloading POPULIST

A self-extracting archive file containing the 3 POPULIST files may be downloaded by clicking : PL16.exe (for use with 16bit versions of Pegasus Mail) or for 32 bit versions. The archive file, PL16.exe (or is copied to a convenient temporary directory (assume this is C:\TEMP). The 3 files are extracted by entering PL16.exe (or at the DOS prompt, followed by the Enter key. Follow the instructions in POPULIST.WRI for using the Extension.

POPULIST is Freeware (well Nagware perhaps) - you are under no obligation to pay for it - and it is freely offered in the hope it may be useful, but without any warranty as to its fitness or Merchantability. If you use it, you do so at your own risk. If you continue to make use of it however, I hope you will wish to make a donation of 7.50 UK pounds Sterling (about $12 US) for ASCT (Asian Student's Christian Trust), which provides a safe Home for street children in Manila, Philippines. A small screen appears each time you load POPULIST. This reminds you about ASCT and clears after a few seconds on clicking the Cancel button - I hope you will not find it inconvenient. When you make the donation, you will be sent instructions for preventing the screen from showing.


I do hope you you will find POPULIST useful. I certainly do - in fact, I start every on-line session with Pegasus Mail by starting up POPULIST to see what mail is waiting. This evokes the same sort of feelings I (most of us?) have when the Postman calls - trying to guess each envelope's contents from what is written on the outside.

Most junk mail is easily spotted from the header listings and POPULIST makes it easy to purge the rubbish. Some of my (non-junk) mail items are large (>500,000 bytes) and I find it possible to cut-down telecoms expenses by saving these larger downloads for an off-peak telephone charging period.