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Pegasus Mail and related matters

Pegasus Mail
This page outlines the features of Pegasus Mail and its Extensions. Two of these may be downloaded. The first is Ns-PM which causes Netscape to invoke Pegasus Mail when a "" URL is selected. The second, digdr, is a Digest Reader Extension (requires Windows 95/NT and a 32bit version of Pegasus Mail).

POPULIST: Server-side operations on waiting POP3 mail. POPULIST provides facilities for an email recipient to inspect headers of messages waiting on the (usually remote) POP3 server and to selectively download wanted messages. Unwanted messages (including spam), which are often bulky, can be deleted expeditiously from the POP3 server, thus avoiding the expense of the download.

Developing Pegasus Mail Extensions in Delphi. This page provides a "how-to" for the intending Extensions developer for whom Borland Pascal 7 For Windows or Delphi 2 or Delphi 7 is the language of choice. The description is illustrated with examples which may be downloaded. Complete source code is provided.

Setting up and using E-mail on a DOS computer. Don't throw away that old, but serviceable 80286 (or even 8080) machine with a 40MB hard disk just yet. This page will guide you through the steps to set up a DOS-based email facility using PMAIL for DOS. It is fast and efficient and all the software is free and readily obtainable.