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The Renumbering Procedure

The simplest, but easily the most laborious method for renumbering files is to view the directory of files to be renumbered in Windows Explorer, right-click each filename in turn, chose rename and type in the amended number. A slightly faster method is to use Irfanview's Thumbnails feature as described previously. However, the fastest way is to use a computer program like RenumFiles which you can download and which is described below.

The need for re-numbering occurs when a new batch of image files has to be appended to an existing directory of image files. The new numbers need to follow on which means shifting the number of each file in the batch. The basis of the numbering sequence needs to be considered: the options are:-

  1. Ordered by when they are downloaded from the camera or scanned;
  2. In the order of the date when the photo was taken;
  3. Ordered by date when photographed and then alphabetically by Title;
The Renumbering program assumes the 3rd option.

The RenumFiles Program

The program's main window is shown below

Notes on the use of the Program

This program renumbers (or numbers) a directory-full of JPG files sequentially according to the date which forms part of each file's name. Files with the same date are sequenced within date alphabetically by the original file name. Each file's format is either:-

001 is a sequence number between 001 and 700, Sometitle is a title NOT containing hyphens and Date represents the date in ddmmmyyyy format. Months Must be spelt: as Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec. The program will do its best to renumber files of type (b) and (c). The program renumbers them and the filename becomes nnn-Sometitle-01Jan2004.jpg (where nnn is the assigned number and the Date is the same as the File's DOS timestamp as shown in Windows Explorer). If your files are like (b) and (c) above, it is worthwhile setting up a folder (directory) containing files with different formats and experimenting.

The filenames should NOT contain spaces and each part must be separated by a single hyphen. The directory may contain files of any of the 3 types.

Using the Program

Unzip the downloaded file (see above)to a convenient directory. The program is called renum.exe. Launch the program either from Windows Explorer or from the usual Start | Run dialog box. When the program's window appears, first specify the directory containing the picture files in the edit box - without the closing "\". It is very important to note that ALL of the *.JPG files in this directory will be Renamed but you can cancel the operation after clicking the Renumber button. Next, enter the desired starting number in the second edit box. Click the "Renumber" button to start the renumbering process. Note the Message Warning that all the files in the directory will be Renamed. The two lower panels show the directory's files before and after renumbering.

Note that the program can only renumber in date order if the Date part of the filename is spelt correctly and is valid. The program checks that the Date occupies exactly 9 characters - if not, the Date part is set to the file's DOS timestamp (the date and time shown against the file in Windows Explorer).

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