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Connection to MS Access databases - PHP scripting

The scripting of a MS Access database in PHP is similar to that in ASP. The syntax is different and a different method of connection to the database has to be used. Fortunately, PHP, an object-oriented language, provides an Open Method within PHP's COM class. This class implements a "DSN-less" connection and also provides an execute('SQL string') method which returns a handle to the Open-ed Recordset eg:-
$rs = $conn->execute($query);
(The coding statements are similar in structure, if not in syntax to the ASP Server.CreateObject(), oConn.Open() & oConn.Execute() statements.) This allows the recordset's fields, their names and values to be reached as well as row indexes and counts in a similar fashion to the language of the Microsoft Access desktop application.
The panel below shows the coding for the same MS Access Authors database as in the previous page.

<HTML> <HEAD><TITLE>Simple ADO Query</TITLE></HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="White" topmargin="10" leftmargin="10"> <!-- Display Header --> <font size="4" face="Arial, Helvetica"> <b>Simple ADO Query with PHP</b></font><br /> <hr size="1" color="#000000" /> Contacts within the Authors Database:<br><br> < ?php // Map authors database to physical path $dbpath = "Authors.mdb" ; $tblname = "authors"; // Create ADO Connection Component to connect // with sample database if (!$conn = new COM ("ADODB.Connection")){ die("Unable to create an ADODB connection"); } $openstr = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=".realpath($dbpath); $conn->open($openstr); $query = "SELECT * From authors"; $rs = $conn->execute($query); // Execute a SQL query and store the results // within recordset ?> <TABLE border = 1><tr bgcolor = '#DDEEAA'><th>ID</th><th>Author</th> <th>Year Born</th></tr> < ?php $columns = $rs->Fields->Count(); $rowcount = 0; while (!$rs->EOF) { echo "<tr bgcolor = '#CCEEFF'>"; for($i=0; $i < ($columns); $i++) { $fld[$i] = $rs->Fields($i); echo "<TD VAlign=top>" .$fld[$i]->value ."</TD>"; } echo "</tr>"; $rowcount++ ; $rs->MoveNext(); } ?> </TABLE> < ?php echo "Rowcount= " .$rowcount; $rs->Close(); $conn->Close(); $rs = null; $conn = null; ?> </BODY></HTML>

   Demo: Example of above code